About Us


At Lending Creative, we have one mission: to provide competitive installment loans and other financial servicing solutions quickly, simply, and hassle-free. Getting here wasn't easy. We assembled decades of experience in the loan and finance worlds to put together a great product and make it possible for us to offer it to you. But now we are excited to move onto our next goal—getting you the funds you need, when you need it.


We've spent years working in the online lending industry to realize our goal of providing easy and fast installment loans to people who find themselves in unique financial situations. We're proud to offer our product—complete with speedy approvals and next-day deposits—to customers from all financial backgrounds. Less than perfect credit? No problem—we've gained the capabilities to provide online installment loans for bad credit scenarios.

Lending Creative is a tribal lending entity wholly owned by the Menominee Tribe a Federally Chartered Sovereign American Indian tribe.

Installment Loans

Lending Creative focuses on three areas: Apply online to submit your loan request instantly. Look for a speedy approval and possible next-day deposit, and count on us to keep your information secure and free from harm. Through this carefully-crafted method, we're able to provide we're able to provide competitive installment loan services.


Bottom line: we strive to get you the funds you need as soon as you need them. Visit our How It Works page to learn more about the process and submit your application today.